Understanding LGBTQ


AFCI Education Center – Free Online Resources for Families with LGBTQ Children and Youth

Association for Family and Community Integrity (AFCI)

Vision:  A world where LGBTQ persons are accepted, loved, and nurtured by their families in a safe and supportive home

Mission:  Ending rejection of LGBTQ youth by advocating for them and educating their families

AFCI approaches teenage homelessness from a family systems perspective, recognizing that the best way to help is within the context
of the family.

Comprehensive education courses for both the families of gay youth (LGBTQ) and the youth themselves are accessed at the online AFCI Education Center to create dialogues that bring understanding and opportunities to re-connect the family and keep families together in a safe supportive environment.

These youth need a chance to
be connected to their own families or another family while continuing their education and becoming productive, happy, community members.


Keeping Families Together